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Swagelok® Gas Panels

For a greener world, and a greener bottom line.
Remove the guesswork from refueling panels.


Save production line time and labor

with pre-assembled panels designed to overcome the challenges of handling alternative fuels 

Building and operating fluid systems that transport alternative fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen can be complicated for heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers. These systems can be among the most time-consuming and problematic parts of fuel lines, requiring a team of assemblers for each assembly. They also have to provide leak-free operation at high pressure. Swagelok pre-assembled gas panels solve both of these challenges. They are quick and easy to install, and designed specifically for small-molecule, high-pressure applications.


Swagelok Gas Panels:

• Have a minimum number of connections, and therefore fewer potential leak points

Arrive on site pre-assembled, configured to your specific requirements, pre-tested, and ready to install

• Simplify inventory and ordering, with one item number instead of several

• Feature components that comply with the ECE-110 certification

• Are built with Swagelok products covered by Swagelok’s Limited Lifetime Warranty®




Increase Production, Capacity, and Safety.

The assembly of refueling panels is one of the most time-consuming and problematic parts of the construction of a gas installation on a vehicle—it requires a special place in the workshop and a crew dedicated to assembly. The assembly of one panel takes about 40–60 minutes (not including the time and people involved in the earlier purchase of all parts, their storage and logistics).

Assembly is followed by testing, which can take another 60–80 minutes per panel in total (including the preparation of the panel and test stand itself). Up to 25% of panels require additional corrections in assembly due to leaks observed during tests—it takes an average of another 20–30 minutes to fix each panel. This adds up to significant additional production costs that should be taken into account in the calculation of total production costs.

Our complete, prebuilt panels are specifically designed to save labor costs by being easy to install (resulting in first-time quality), operate, and maintain. They are professionally assembled and tested before they arrive on site, helping to expedite the manufacturing process and ensuring that each assembly has been built correctly.




  Engineered to Your Specifications.

Our deep expertise in complex fluid systems design, engineering, operation, and maintenance means we understand your CNG and H2 gas panel challenges—and we can help you solve them. We design our panels to your dimensions, component features, required pressure, flow, pipe size, box size, and other requirements. We make sure that all fittings, check valves, isolation valves, and other fluid system components can overcome a variety of real-world operational challenges by providing:


CNG refueling panel - process



icone - enviromental blue

Built for Performance by a Company with a History of It.

For more than 30 years, Swagelok has supported customers pursuing clean energy solutions that require high-integrity components for the effective containment of high-pressure, small-molecule gases such as hydrogen. Our components are designed to deliver leak-tight systems and long service life. And they are supported by services expertise that includes training, installation, design and assembly, fluid system evaluation and advising, field engineering, and more.



Martin Gorgol - Sales Manager for CZ&SK

+420 797 974 200